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Four Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs to Build a Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms are essential to help you stay connected with your audiences. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, actively engaging with audiences directly correlates with customer experience and loyalty.

I must clarify that there is a difference between having social media accounts, where you’re posting content on the fly, versus building a social media campaign. For businesses building brands, you can’t have social media accounts without a strategy.

All successful social media campaigns are strategic, planned and curated. Most content that goes out on social platforms has been pre-approved by a marketing manager. Recognizable companies are not posting content for the sake of letting their audiences know they exist. They are putting themselves in the shoes of their audiences and posting content they care about.

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Buffer’s definition of Social Media Marketing is the use of social media to strategically connect with your audience to build your brand, increase awareness and drive more sales. Most content is preemptively mapped out in a content calendar then scheduled to be published.

Implementing strategic social media campaigns for small businesses in the competitive digital landscape is important for driving growth and building your brand.

If you’re a small business and are looking into building a social media strategy, these are four reasons why you should implement a strategy right now.


  1. It enables you to expand your customer base

If you are a small business with local presence, there is an opportunity to expand your customer demographic through social media marketing.  Instagram can be used to do initial research. According to Hootsuite 81% of Instagram users will use the platform to research products and services.

  1. Customer loyalty

Social media marketing can help attain and retain customers. Twitter is the perfect platform to engage with prospective and current clients. The platform enables your business to listen and understand the needs of your customers through conversation. In turn, it will provide you with insight on how to better your product/ service.

  1. Relevance

Staying active and consistent on social media helps your business stay relevant. Posting for the sake of staying active isn’t efficient. You need to be constantly posting content your customers care about such as information related to your industry, product or service.  This is where a social media marketing strategy can help provide the framework to post content that your audiences will engage with.

  1. Brand awareness

Social media lets prospective customers know you exist. Over two thirds of the world’s internet users have access to social media. Therefore it’s important for you to be strategic with the content you choose to publish, putting your best foot forward with prospective customers who are doing their initial research.

If you are a small business looking to grow your brand, building a social media strategy is a crucial step to be successful.

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Are there any small businesses that you think are using the social media effectively?

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