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How to Choose Influencers for Your Social Media Campaign

Influencer marketing provides your small business the opportunity to increase awareness around your product. Influencers are impactful people within their communities, whether it be on social media, academia or business. The idea is that influencers can influence people to a specific call to action because of the relationships they have built within their communities.

For small businesses, there is an opportunity to promote your product through influencer marketing. In my last post, The ROI of Influencer Marketing, I went over the benefits of leveraging influencers for your social media campaign. To be successful with your influencer marketing strategy, you need to choose the right influencers. In this blog post, I will go over what to observe when selecting influencers to work with.

More followers doesn’t mean more value

When you are choosing influencers, their volume of followers shouldn’t be the only consideration. More followers doesn’t equate to more sales. Here is why: they could have low engagement; their followers might not be a part of your target audience and they might not have high conversion rates.

Influencers don’t need to have a minimum of 20K followers to be influential. There are influencers who may have less than 10 K followers that have high engagement on their social media platforms.

In fact, there are three different types of influencers that can collaborate with you to promote your product:

  • Micro Influencers– Micro influencers typically have followings under 10K with engagement of at least 25- 50% . In digital marketing standards, that’s high. They are experience-driven and are the most cost effective.
  • Macro Influencers– Their followings range from 10K- 1 million followers. These influencers are more costly but their reach and loyal following will enable you to get your product in front of more people.
  • Mega Influencers– Mega influencers have 1 million plus followers. They are not as accessible as macro or micro influencers because they are more expensive to work with. The benefit of working with a mega influencer is that your product can receive more clout and can shift the perception of your brand.

When you are considering what type of influencers you would like to work with, you need to think about how you will get maximum value out of your budget. If you are a small business with a conservative budget, it might be best to start off with collaborating with micro and macro influencers.

Pay attention to who their following is

When you are choosing who to work with, you need to consider who is following them. Who their following is will determine how well they will engage with your product.  For example, if you’re in the restaurant business, you’ll want to find an influencer who consistently posts about food.

The type of content an influencer posts will determine what their following is interested in. You will be more likely to attract more customers to your restaurant through food influencers than you will with a fashion and lifestyle influencers.

Observe how people are engaging with their content

How people engage with an influencer’s content will determine how well your collaboration will perform. Researching their engagement will help determine who will drive the most value.

For example, if you are a company selling hot sauces, naturally you’ll want to collaborate with food influencers. If they have posted content about home cooking and their posts have performed well, chances are that influencer collaboration will drive value.

When it comes to choosing influencers for your social media campaign, you need to be selective with who you collaborate with you to get value. Influencer marketing can help your product get in front of your target customers and increase brand awareness. Choosing the right influencers will help drive more sales and help you better position your brand.

Is there a company that leveraged influencer marketing effectively? Leave a comment below!

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