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Three Companies That Leveraged Instagram to Grow Their Audiences

If you are a small business that is trying to grow your audience, Instagram is a great way to get exposure and promote your products.  Over 70% of consumers reported purchasing something based on what they saw on Instragram.

Instagram enables users to post reviews through picture and video content.  Companies also partner with influencers to help increase awareness of products and to build their following. In order for companies to successfully grow their brands, they must post consistently, create engaging content and interact with their communities.

There are many companies who started from scratch and have grown their audiences to hundreds of thousands followers. Growth doesn’t happen overnight but it can happen with an effective strategy. Below I’ve featured three companies that have leveraged their Instagram effectively to grow their audiences.

Beekeeper’s Naturals

Beekeper’s Naturals is a direct-to-consumer company that sells all-natural remedies that are made from bee- based ingredients. The products range from honey and energizing elixirs to throat sprays and bee-based remedies. The company has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Vogue.

Beekeeper’s Naturals has grown their following to 164K followers on Instagram by consistently posting engaging content and they have built a community of people who are passionate about their products.

When asked about how Beekeeper’s Naturals grew their following, founder Carly Stein said, Instagram has been a channel of focus for us since the very beginning. We know that customers use social media to research brands that they want to purchase from and glean whether or not said brand is worth their time, money, and effort. That being said, our growth on the app is primarily due to three things; content that connects, creatives that engage, and our community-first approach. People want to feel connected with the brands that they like, and we want to connect with our audience.

It’s important to have a deep, intrinsic understanding of your audience and cater to them. If there is one thing that all companies can agree on, it’s that creatives matter. You can have the most well-thought out posts and captions, but if the visuals attached to it don’t attract your audience, you likely won’t grow as quickly. There are so many accounts with great content to scroll through and the goal is to be one of them.

Lastly, community. Your community matters, and should be at the center of every campaign, post, and idea that you share. Not only are they the ones who will consistently comment and share your content online, but they are very likely your biggest offline supporters as well, spreading your brand’s mission for you and helping you grow even faster.”

 Beekeeper’s Naturals Instagram page is consistent. Each post contains informational and actionable content that is valuable to their followers.


437 Swimwear

437 is an e-commerce luxury swimwear brand that sells an array of silhouettes that can fit any body type. The brand has been worn by celebrities and was featured in Forbes, Vogue and New York Times.

437 has 230K followers and posts content multiple times daily. They built their following by creating a community where they would engage with their followers by asking them questions and by posting  content where you would have to like, comment or respond. In an interview with Forbes, both cofounders said they made most of their brand decisions from their Instagram following,

When they introduced their new line of loungewear during Covid-19, the decision was based on insights from their Instagram following. Leveraging Instagram polls will help keep your audience engaged. For businesses that are selling products primarily online, using your audience to gather data points can be valuable. It helps maintain engagement but it also helps gather information that could help impact business decisions.


Vessi is a Vancouver- based footwear company that sells 100% water-proof sneakers that are environmentally sustainable. They have managed to grow their Instagram following 140K followers in three years.

Vessi leveraged giveaways on Instagram to grow their following. Their giveaways had a clear call- to- action, that encouraged more people to follow their account or sign up for their email list. Giveaways are great way to incentivize users to follow your account on Instagram.

For followers it’s a win- win, here’s why: there’s low barrier to entry  and they get a chance to win free product, meanwhile you’ve just gained more followers. If they love your product or your content then they will continue to follow your handle.

Instagram is a great opportunity for your small business to grow your audience. With the right strategy in place, your growth will be expedited. What these three companies did was create engaging content, built relationships with their communities and incentivized their target audience to follow their account.

Is there an Instagram business account you like to follow? Leave a comment below.

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