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Three Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Works: The ROI for Your Small Business

Influencer marketing is an effective tactic used by companies to increase brand awareness. It is a helpful way to grow your social media following and to reach more people that are a part of your business niche.

In a study conducted by Unbox Social, 80% of marketers said that influencer content performed 50% higher than content created in-house.

Before we go further into the benefits of influencer marketing, let’s define what it actually is. Influencer marketing is a collaboration with someone, who has influence over their following. Most influencers have a strong presence within their communities. Whenever they recommend a product or a service, people within their audience are more likely to listen to them.

Influencers will help grow your following and if they genuinely like your product, there will be an opportunity for partnerships and ambassador programs.

When you are considering an influencer marketing campaign, you need to make sure you are selecting the right influencers.  When you are researching who you should collaborate with you need to:

  • Research the topics they post about.
  • Research who follows them.
  • Research who engages with them.

Selecting the right influencers is crucial to the success of your campaign. Once you choose the right people for your campaign, you will get maximized value out of your influencer marketing budget.

Below are three benefits that will come out of influencer collaborations.

Influencers increase your brand awareness

Collaborating with influencers increases brand awareness to prospective customers. Most of the audiences that follow influencers find value out of their content because it aligns with their values and hobbies.

If you’re a small business that’s launching their first influencer campaign, there’s an opportunity to work with influencers and engage with their communities that will help increase exposure to your brand.

Once these communities are aware of your product through influencer marketing, they will be more likely to consider making a purchase. In a study done by influencer agency MediaKix, 89% of marketers say that the ROI from influencer marketing initiatives were more effective or comparable to than other marketing outlets.

Influencers can incentivize their followers to follow you

Leveraging influencers for giveaways and promotions can help grow your following. When influencers post about giveaways to their audiences, there is an element of exclusivity where only their followers have access to the giveaways.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that Vessi leveraged giveaways on their page to grow their audiences. Giveaways and promotions have a low barrier to entry, are cost effective and incentivize followers to engage with you.

Because influencers tend to have higher engagement with their audiences, running a promotion/ giveaway through their following will yield better results.

Social Proof

Influencers and creators are held in high regard within their communities. Their opinions and insights matter. What they say and do can be impactful. If you are a small business that is starting to launch into the market, influencer marketing is critical for social proof that your product is good.

Influencers are innovators /early adapters. They want to share products with their audiences so that they can get the inside scoop on what the best new thing is. When you find the right influencers, to promote your product, you will establish social proof with the right audiences. In turn, it can lead to more testimonials and reviews- this will be crucial for when prospective customers are researching your product.


Influencer campaigns will be helpful for your growth on social media. Influencer marketing will help you increase brand awareness, increase your social media following and establish social proof that your product is worth buying.

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