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Three Ways Social Media Increases Sales

Having a social media strategy is a non-negotiable when it comes to engaging prospective customers. Whether you’re a B2B (business to business) , B2C (business to consumer)  or DTC (direct to consumer), there will always be a social media platform where your target audience is initiating their research.

The best thing about social media marketing is that it has evolved to the point where the entire sales cycle can happen online.

Social media is a valuable tool for generating leads, if executed properly. You need to provide information and content that will help engage your prospective customers at every phase of the sales cycle.

If you’re a small business looking to leverage social media to increase sales. I’ve included three ways below:

1.    Brand Awareness

Social media plays a major role in online research. It enables people to build communities and spread word of mouth digitally. Right now, there are 3.14 billion monthly active users on Facebook (this includes Instagram and WhatsApp). Social media enables your small business to put their best foot forward and publish content that will help engage target audiences, potentially leading to a sale.

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, I’ve bulleted three key points when you are trying to engage potential customers:

  • Actionable content– make sure that the content is compelling enough for the user to want to learn more or purchase.
  • High Quality Imagery– aesthetic is important. When you’re using imagery, consider how this will engage potential customers and whether it matches your brand and the messaging.
  • Compelling Copy– captions need to be to the point and informative. People need to know what service you’re offering and what the next steps are after looking at your post.

2.    Qualifying Leads

Social media is helpful for providing more information once a prospective customer knows about your brand. Sharing content that will provide further information on your product such as sharing links blog posts, webinars and testimonials.

  • Fifty three per cent of companies say that blogs are the first priority. This is because blogs help provide additional information that will help influence buying decisions.
  • Seventy three per cent of people say they skim through blogs when conducting research on a company.

There is an opportunity to use social media to share information to help qualify potential customers down the sales cycle into a close.

3.    Closing Sales

Your entire sales cycle can happen entirely on social media platforms. Instagram and  Pinterest have made purchasing products through their platforms more seamless. There is a massive opportunity for your business to sell products directly through social media, here’s why:

  • One hundred and thirty million Instagram users tap on shopping posts each month. Social media is a convenient way to shop especially when people are already researching products with the eventual intent to purchase.
  • High income households are twice as likely to use Pinterest than low income households, there fore there is more purchasing power among Pinterest users.
  • Shopping is also the main intent for forty eight per cent of Pinterest users.

Social media marketing is key component to generating  leads and more sales. Each platform offers unique features that your small business can leverage to sell to more customers.

Is there a company you think executes social media well? Leave a comment below.

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