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Three Ways to Use Organic Content to Reach Your Audience

Posting content doesn’t always need to be only about your business or directly promote your business. Letting your followers in on the latest scoop with your products is important but if you’re trying to keep your audience engaged, you shouldn’t only post content that is about you.

Here’s why:

  1. It comes across as a sales pitch
  2. Your audience will lose interest
  3. It stunts your growth

Following a page that only talks about their business and their products is like sitting next to someone at a dinner party who only talks about themselves. It’s disengaging.

If you’re looking to leverage social media and create engaging content for your current and prospective audiences, below are three ways you can do so.

Post Content Related to Your Product or Service

Not every post needs to be only be about you. It will disengage your audience and come across as too salesy. What you can do is post content related to your product or service.

When you’re posting content, you have to put yourselves in the shoes of your audience. How will you get them excited about your product or service? What will engage them into using your offerings versus someone else’s?

An example of a company who does this well is BrainStation, a digital skills training company that offers courses related to tech. On their blog, they write posts at least twice a week related to education. Because their audience is comprised of professionals looking to either improve their skills or change careers, their content is about the best courses to take relative to various tech fields.

In turn, their blog does two things:

  1. Get current and prospective learners excited about their product
  2. Assures prospective students that their investment in education is the right move

Their blog indirectly discusses how their courses can help professionals succeed in their careers through professional development without the aggressive sales pitch.

Ask Questions

Asking questions enables you to get feedback and insights directly from your audience.  It also helps boost engagement on your social platforms.

One of the most effective ways to ask your audience questions is through the polling features on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Polls eliminate the work of having to manually type feedback and automatically provide you with data that could add insight on consumer behaviors.

Provide Information

Providing information is important for new or prospective customers to engage with your brand. Factual content helps answer questions that your audience wouldn’t have thought to ask but found helpful. Posting new information also provides context to those who are in the early research phase.

For example, if you own a gym and want to organically engage new customers you can provide information on the health benefits of working out, exercise routines and diet hacks. In turn, not only are you building a community of people who are passionate about health and fitness, you’re providing information that will help drive buying decisions.

Overall, engaging organic content will help boost your engagement and grow your audience and in turn help boost your sales.

Is there an organization who you think uses these tactics effectively? Let me know in the comments below!

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