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Why You Need To Be Producing Consistent Written Content. *Hint* It Doesn’t Have to be Everyday

Growing any marketing channel requires consistency- which requires time… sometimes a lot of it. However the investment of time to produce great content on a continuous basis will pay off. 


Approximately 77% of internet users read blogs. So why not take advantage of the potential audience  blogs have to offer? 


Consistently writing and producing content will build your community organically. A percentage of that community will eventually become paying customers. 


Written content saves you money on ad spend and time trying to qualify customers. 


It sounds pretty straight forward. Invest the time and energy into writing consistent content and you will have substantial growth. 


Easier said than done. 


Unfortunately, not everyone has the bandwidth to produce consistent written content. Especially companies who are already outsourcing their marketing. 


But, there is a way to produce great written  content consistently- with or without a marketing team. 


When you are mapping out your written content strategy, there are three things to consider: 


How much time do I have? 

If there’s time to spare, especially during slower months (in the B2B world, summer tends to be a slower period), this could be an opportune time to build a blog strategy and execute. 


The average blog takes 3.5 hours to write. During slower periods, this could be the best time to commit to writing and produce content that could be scheduled for the next quarter. 

What cadence for each blog release is doable?

You do not have to write a blog everyday to be relevant. In fact there are larger organizations who write weekly blogs- which is still a lot if you’re using your own resources to produce the content. 


You need to evaluate how much time and energy will go into the writing, research and keyword research and what is doable for you. You’ll also need to evaluate what it will take to make each blog post stand out. 


The important thing is that you’re producing great content that’s unique and stands out to your readers. 


Remember, it’s better to produce one to two quality blogs per month than to write four average blogs. Here’s why: 


  1. Better content will keep readers on your website longer.
  2. When readers on your website longer, it increases your dwell time, thus improving your search engine ranking.
  3. Better content peaks peoples’ interests. It incentivizes people to navigate through your website to find out more about your business.


When you are implementing a content strategy you should put your efforts into producing high quality content. The frequency may be less frequent but it will pay off in the end. 


What is my budget? 

If you’re someone who isn’t comfortable writing or, if your team doesn’t have the capacity to write long form copy, you should be outsourcing your content writing.  


It saves you time, resources and the headaches associated with doing all the legwork. 


You’ll also be able to find many freelance writers who will be able to write long form posts within a matter of days and provide you with written content that you can use for your social media, email and website. 


It’s a small investment that will pay off. 


Now that you have evaluated what’s feasible for your business, you need to commit to producing content consistently. 


Remember. It doesn’t have to be a few times a week. Businesses are starting to produce weekly blogs versus daily blogs. 


The blog post needs to be immersive and relevant for your readers. Producing less frequently for higher quality content will keep your readers more engaged. 


If you’re wondering what’s in it for your business when you blog consistently, below are some benefits you will notice when you start publishing written content. 


Better SEO Ranks 

Blogs incentivize users to spend more time on your website. The longer users are on your website, the better your SEO will be. 


Search engines will crawl your website and pick up on the length of time users spend on each page. If users are spending a lot of time on your website, it means you’ve provided valuable content that’s engaging for users. Which in turn, is a win-win. Your readers are engaged with your content and the search engine has helped end users find valuable content. 


If you’re strategic with your content and conduct keyword research, this will also help your SEO. Keyword research shows what phrases or words that are being used to search for products or services. 


Keyword research helps you find topics to write about and words you should be using in your blog to catch the attention of the right people. 


Keyword research will also generate more website traffic to your blog.  


More Website Traffic 

When you’re publishing blog content, you’ll generate more traffic. 


This is of course, when you’re distributing your blogs properly (sharing across social media and email lists). I wrote a post about how to generate more traffic to your blogs which you can read here


When I started writing blogs for an e-commerce company. Their website traffic increased by over 60%. This client promoted their blog on social media and through their email lists. The website traffic was not only from their social media followers and email lists but their blog posts also engaged new users. 


This meant that their blog content was circulating beyond their email lists and social media channels.


When you write engaging blog posts that will add value to your audience, you’ll increase your reach. Your current followers and email subscribers are more likely to share your content with their friends and community which in turn generates more website traffic. 


This all happens when you produce written content consistently. You’re releasing written pieces that are not only helpful but are also timely- which keeps your audience engaged. 


Or better yet, they’ll more likely use your product or service. 


Qualifies and Converts Customers 

More website traffic = more leads. This is great news…. Right? 


Yes and no. 


Of course you want to generate more leads. But, are those leads your target audience or are they a waste of time? 


You can generate all the leads but if they aren’t converting to a sale, all your hard work is lost.  This typically happens because there isn’t a qualifying process. You don’t need to attract all potential customers, you just need to attract the right potential customers. They will be enthusiasts for life. 


The most effective qualifying strategy is to produce blog content. It saves you time- especially if you have a sales team and money.  


Blogs and long form content will answer frequently asked questions. They’ll also provide additional valuable information that the right potential customer didn’t know they needed. This will position you as an expert in your industry and it builds trust between your brand and your audience. 


Industries evolve and change. If you’re producing content that helps customers navigate the changes, they are more likely to use your product or service. 


Once you have built trust with your audience, conversions will increase. Fifty seven percent of marketers say they’ve earned new business through blogs. 


The users who take the time to read and research your product or service are the ones that are ready to commit to a purchase and want to fully understand your product or service. If you’re consistently publishing valuable content, your blog posts will convert more customers. 


I wrote a piece on how to write engaging content that you can read HERE


Why You Need to Be Blogging Consistently

Finding the right cadence for your blog strategy will help you produce valuable content for potential customers at a manageable rate. You don’t need to be blogging everyday but you should be releasing written content at a consistency that works for you. 


Writing blog content consistently will not only build your community but it will also increase your SEO rank, generate more traffic and qualify and convert the right customers. 


Investing the time in your content writing strategy is as important as your other digital marketing channels. It’s an opportunity to position your brand as experts in your industry and they will make your brand stand out amongst competitors.

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